Monday 6 April 2009

10h 5m 31s

It's been a while since I've put anything up here. More than a year, in fact. I have been reading over my old stuff and it's good. I'm glad I have it. I'm also glad of my black books. I'm not so glad of my book Principles of Corporations Law.

That's a lie. I love having the book. I love the ability to know. I hate the essay. The problem is that I know this essay won't be any good. It can't be. I don't have time to make it good. It's due in 10h 3m 43s. I can't research and write an essay in that time - which is what I'd need to do. Of course, while my preference is never to hand in anything less than my best work (ha!) if I don't get something in by the due time I'll get zero. That will cause me to fail law.

Welcome back.