Tuesday 8 May 2007

odd socks

In my family the wearing of odd socks is a crime. It's quite curious really. It's simply not done - like taboo. Odd socks from the laundry are kept for a week or so then turned into rags, mercilessly destroyed by cleaning the TV.

I mention this because I saw someone wearing odd socks this evening and had commented on it before. It's... curious to me. Very anthropology.

I think I want to be a teacher. Discuss. Comment.

I also think that a specific person doesn't like me very much and that's fine, but I wish she did. This isn't girlfriend angst, it's ... much more complicated. But I don't want to name names or anything. It's nobody reading this I'm fairly sure.

Speaking of people who don't read this, I've decided to befriend Lucy (as she decided to befriend me). From my criminal law tute - but not Law Girl (who I again didn't even look at).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i imagine there's a big different between accidental odd socks and purposeful mis-matching. or maybe there isn't.

i also think you'd be a very good teacher. not that what i think is of any real consequence, but still.