Monday 11 June 2007

washing up has been done!

I'm beginning to recognise that the house looks a lot better when there isn't shit strewn everywhere. Washing up done, rubbish taken out, all that.

Unfortunately it's four thirty in the afternoon and I have not yet done my essay due in at an undetermined time tomorrow. I have a feeling that it's nine in the morning but I'm not sure. I'll get it in by five and plead ignorance. Unfortunately Wednesday I have my criminal law exam at nine in the morning and I really need to do some revision before that. Double unfortunately I have my algebra exam on Thursday morning at nine and I really really need to do some revision for that too. Then I have a day off, which I will spend revising for my computational techniques exam which is at nine on Saturday morning.

Then mark my words, Saturday night, I am getting massively, massively fucked up. I deserve to lose some brain cells after all that.

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