Tuesday 4 December 2007


So, it's December apparently?

There are lots of Christmas ads. They make me a bit upset that I don't celebrate Christmas. But the two - three? - Christmas celebrations I've been to haven't quite been what is depicted on TV.

So yeah, I dunno. I just think it's about time I blog again.


Anonymous said...

more people commit suicide during the christmas break than any other time during the year.
not celebrating christmas isn't all bad.

(kazvstey. a russian flute with a cold?)

Clara said...

December is tops, most people are on holiday, it's hot and there is cricket on the radio. (Speaking of which, everytime I see your snide "everything apart from cricket" comment on the side I feel like getting you deported for your unaustralian-ness). From my experience the best thing about Christmas is the food... and the champagne. Then the naps after lunch surrounded by your gift haul. You really shouldn't give up on Chrismas yet. But I haven't tried Hanukkah. Okay this comment is pretty much longer than the post. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Please blog again soon.