Tuesday 25 March 2008

missing out

I have never been in a relationship so serious that the end of it has caused me to wallow for days in tearful self-pity.

I don't think I've ever even liked anyone that much. Or perhaps I have and I just haven't ever had a sufficiently focused rejection time to warrant all that wallowing at one time.

There are times when I wallow in self-pity for days on end, or at least for a day and a half or so. Curiously they are more often than not about how I don't have anyone to wallow over. Perhaps there is a human (or Michaelean) need to wallow some amount each year and I just fulfil it however I can.

I wish that I had such a person.


Anonymous said...

i have such a person, sometimes i wish that she felt the same

Anonymous said...

it hurts more, to have someone.
sometimes it's even worth it.