Sunday 7 March 2010

Social Media

I really like facebook and twitter and stuff. They give me more opportunities for social interaction than I would otherwise have. They keep me up to date on gossip. They have normalised online interaction.


There is one very big but.

I can see everything everyone does. That's nice, it's interesting. The trouble is that I feel so left out. I even intrude on my friends' conversations to try to improve my rep. Most of all though I see just how few @replies I get and how infrequently people post on my wall. How much more popular other people are. It hits me hard, right in the self-esteem. And then it makes me sad.


Danielle said...

I know exactly what you mean, exactly.

Anonymous said...

This may interest you. Or you may have already recently read about it in The Economist. I did, and remembered this post.