Friday 14 January 2011

A Brief History...

... of my emotional love life:
I find a girl; I impute to her my perfect girl after a brief comment she makes about something which I overanalyse and consider evidence of a vast intelligence.; we're necessarily separated by something (often her leaving or me leaving or a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a significant age gap or a facilitator/delegate relationship or some combination of the above). The leaving happens, absence makes the heart grow fonder, I declare, she rejects, I pretend I never cared and find the next one.

... of my physical love life:
A girl finds me cute in a hurt puppy kind of way; she throws herself at me; then either she realises I'm a freak or I realise she's a freak and we move on.

... of my search for what I want in life:
Does she not exist? Surely I should celebrate finding anyone who could simply cope with a man who keeps magnets in his car just because they're cool.

... of my blog: username michael password cordover

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