Friday 6 April 2007

a missing bit

I tonight had a phone conversation with The Lovely Clara of nearly two hours. It was good. One of the topics of discussion - there were obviously many, ranging from the pornography to the value of strip clubs - was high school. Specifically my whole general feeling that I missed out on some important social aspect. I for a long time thought it was a relationship aspect but I've just realised what it was. It was precisely what I just had with TLC - long phone conversations. More specifically, calling someone just to talk to them. The other bit I was missing I get in nine hours when I leave the house for Julia's - just going around to someone's house because you're going around to someone's house. That's what I missed, I think, and I really did miss out. I like people a lot more than I let on. Or something. Point here is we talked and it was good. Yay.

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