Sunday 18 November 2007

the trouble with romantic comedies

So I'm not sure if I posted this or not, but one of the reasons I want a girlfriend is to be able to do those good-guy things you get to do as a significant other. Like sitting in the rain waiting for someone to forgive you, or getting them just the right present... The "awww" stuff from movies.

The trouble with all that stuff is it's kinda creepy most of the time. "I'll never stop asking you out until you go out with me" - that's stalker behaviour. Or the famous first date in Hitch - I'll just call you, despite that you didn't give me your number, then I'll look up detailed genealogical information about you. It's a bit weird. I'd never do that. I'd be way too scared - so I guess I'll sit here and rot in the damp.


Anonymous said...

the only real difference between creepy and sweet is whether the girl (sercretly or otherwise) likes it.

Anonymous said...

It's difficult. I wish that life was like a movie. Then you could do those things without it seeming too creepy.

I'm like that too, and I've often thought of this. :S

Anonymous said...

Shielding a loved one from the rain with a newspaper is the best thing I've ever done.

Waiting to be forgiven, or not, is the worst.

Anonymous said...

That's not creepy. Why would that be creepy? I think it's kinda beautiful, that some people are actually like that.

Getting her favourite roses sent to her was the best thing I ever did. I think. Telling her drunkenly three months after we broke up that I still loved her was the worst. Only now we've begun to be friendly, but then, that's because she needed help with her English grammar, and I'm a native speaker. She passed the class with flying colours, and we haven't spoken since. Mm.