Friday 3 August 2007

I wanted to talk about all sorts of things. About how Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens makes me cry. About how I keep napkins in my car for that reason (and also because I have nowhere else to put them and because sometimes you need to be saved from a BBQ sauce emergency - that's what the moist towelettes are for).

I was going to explain that my car was out of petrol and my phone out of battery and how that's quite symbolic because I'm all out of giveafuck. And I wasn't going to make a joke, because I really am. I am bored and tired. With everything. I just... I just want to do something else with my life. Something fun. Something that doesn't involve arranging a conference a week before it happens, something that doesn't involve rewriting budgets. Perhaps something where I have a chance of winning (I'm referring here to Kingborough Council).

I also wish I wasn't inhibited by the people who read this. It's nobody's fault, but I have the classic problem: I want to say things and I want people to know that they've been said but I don't want anyone to talk to me about it. This isn't true of everything on this blog, but occasionally it's an issue. And so I just don't write those things.


Anonymous said...

i was going to make refference to this entry (the last paragraph anyway) in my blog, because there's something inexpliciably perfect about it.
then i realised i couldn't, because i didn't want anyone to ask me why. heh. made me laugh, almost.

(have you ever tried to find meaning in the word verifications? exemsjjp... whoops, tangent. sorry)

Anonymous said...

Makes me cry too, that song. I don't worry about tissues or anything, though. My mascara doesn't run, usually. Another song that makes me cry is Kimi ni negai wo by Miyavi.

I think I know what you mean, maybe. You want to talk about things, but don't want to discuss them. I wouldn't call commenting discussion, though. I'd never approach you and talk to you about anything you wrote on here, however. Just as I don't think I'd want anyone to ask me about what I write on my blog.

That's what LeetKey is for. Those who actually can be bothered deciphering don't care enough to ask me about what I write, so, meh.

To reply to anonymous, yes. yes I do. jsjgqe. lpyqzxru.