Monday 13 August 2007


I've been trying for some months now to get the spelling of "angst" changed to "anxt", because any word with an x in it is cool. This afternoon, however, I've come across the word "wangsty", which wouldn't work quite so well as "wanxty" (the x is still cool, but you lose the "wang" unintentional pun; it's not as clear you're talking about wanking) so I may have to abandon my fight. We'll see.

In other news, I think it would probably be weird for me to get in touch with Leah, a girl who I came across when searing for people who like the movie Elizabethtown. I'm not sure people are ever ok with my being weird. I wish they were.


Anonymous said...

"Anxt" is cool, but I don't like "wangsty". Too much penis in "wangsty", lol. Yeah, I'm kinda biased... Heh. I will admit, I'm penis-curious occasionally, so I probably can't talk, but anyway. That's irrelevant. LOL. For me, wangst is, you know, like on LiveJournal, when there's a post where a troll posts something ridiculous and arguments ensue... That's wank. Then if it's angsty... It's wangst.

Nuuuu, go for it! Get in touch with her. I like your weirdness, it makes you you. Rejoice in your weirdness! :D

Anonymous said...

people are more okay with it than you realise.
it's part of you. a good part, mind. the word integral springs to mind.