Sunday 12 August 2007

rather terror than tyrany

That's my new anti-anti-terrorism slogan. I think it'd go well on a t-shirt.

I wanted to speak a little bit this evening about an old cassette (I know, pre-CD) that was playing in my parents car earlier. It contained a whole bunch of old jazz and I really liked it. I can't remember what the point of this was, unfortunately.

The other thing was about a hitch-hiker I once picked up. A man and his wife, it seemed to me. I drove them a relatively short distance before he asked if I could drop them off and wait just three minutes. Well... she had nothing of it. I didn't mind at all - I wasn't actually urgently needed anywhere - but she had that matronly, old-womanly pride. The pride of the poor when they are accepting a favour from someone unimaginably richer than they. Acceptance, but no demands, no requirements. Just... I'm not sure. It was interesting, is all. What was perhaps more interesting was that he was quite happy to do the socially unacceptable. Which I didn't mind, but anyway. Curious.

Make it go away without a word / but promise me you'll stay and fix these things I've heard

That's not actually relevant, it just happens to be what I'm currently listening to. Also, I think the italicised lyric thing is pretty cool.

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