Saturday 1 September 2007

i give up

Not on anything in particular, just generally.

Actually, yes on something in particular. In socialising. I suck at it. You would not believe how much I suck at it even if I told you. The level of suckage is so great that both Hoovers would be jealous. Man, that's a subtle joke, and I'm not sure I even get it.

Like, Hoover as in vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and J Edgar Hoover who was gay (or anti-gay-so-talked-about-as-gay, or something). Pretty funny.

Anyway, the point is I can't talk to people and I'm just resentful when people talk to me because I hate being pitied. Also I inevitably either spout shit about myself or get stuck really early on without anything relevant to say. There's really not a lot relevant to "it's colder in Tasmania than Brisbane."

Oh yeah, news, I guess. I got a job at Hobart City Council that pays well, I'm currently in Brisbane at the Asia Pacific Cities Summit Youth Forum in Brisbane. YP is disorganised, I haven't had a sex dream in nearly two weeks (:P) and I just don't give a flying fuck about anything. I get the feeling tomorrow will be like the second week of NYSF: teh ubersuck.

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Anonymous said...

Well. I think you are incredibly interesting, and I wish I could have many more conversations with you, on any topic that you wished. I like it when you get carried away with something you are passionate about. I like it when you talk to me. :) Even if it is about yourself, or something you think is stupid-sounding.

I understood the joke. I laughed hysterically, but that may just be because I only had approximately 45 minutes of sleep last night. :P

Congratulations on getting a job! You beat me, hehe. I got an Melbourne on my birthday, this Tuesday. So, that's out of the question. -_-