Saturday 22 September 2007

my "morning" in less than 160 characters

i'm like merlin xkcd270. dream last night of dom-sub in abstract and watched secretary after waking. maggie gyllenhaal is hot, as is young spader. does he only play chauvinistic lawyers?

Except he's not chauvinistic at all. He's loving. That's the thing. I've expounded on this before, kind of.

I also discovered - or refined, in my mind - the difference between erotica and pornography. It's not just redeeming social importance, though I ignore that sort of question anyway. Pornography brings to mind something uninspiring, something almost bland. Pornography, it seems to me, is about exposure, visible flesh, showing absolutely and in detail the physical act and attributes. Without doubt that can be arousing, but that's not erotic. Hence the delineation I give: it's about exposure. Things which are erotic don't require exposed breasts - or anything else. Erotica plays on sexuality by hinting and suggesting but leaving the real work to the viewer. It's anticipation, not release, which is most scintillating. It's arguably intimacy as well, but that's more a question of what's arousing than what's erotic.

You know, I may be the only person in the world who's main thoughts on pornography, arousal, erotica, sadomasochism and bondage are about the semantics of each.

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You're not.