Friday 16 February 2007

hard reset

I'm clearly in what I would call a low. You know, like depression. Stupid, stupid things have already made me cry - like being told valentine's day is good. Stupid things have made me pissed off too - like the exceedingly jingoistic economic freedom fund.

hey look at me i'm ee cummings
except without nbsp
(or pre)
html wouldn't let me be

e.e. cummings

Man, I should be a poet.

There's a website glaring at me that I haven't done. All I want to do is spend two weeks, two blissful weeks, without obligation. To have everything done and not to need to care about anything. So I can spend time on my big stick [n.b. not a penis joke, despite me being told as I wrote it that I'd just received an email telling me how to increase my penis size], or writing useless programs which are still somewhat interesting, or watching House or doing a trillion other useless things. Instead I'm out of time and full of obligations. And I hate it. I just want to run away - to reboot my life - to have nothing, nothing at all and just sit for a while until things start to happen again and then build up again, and I could handle that, because all the shit that's currently there was removed. That's how I feel.

Also, I think my poem is pithy, regardless of its crappiness. Worse has been published. And string me up from the rafters by my testicles for saying it, but worse has been published by Leonard Cohen (and just think about how many worse poets than him are published).

Wow, self-congratulatory wank. Ahh blogger: it's masturbation, just without the effort.

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