Monday, 19 February 2007


One of the things that I really enjoy is hearing from people in the middle of the night. I'm not at all sarcastic about that - it makes me feel incredibly loved. And it has happened twice in the past two days. I was sent an existential crisis at three in the morning and then Anne actually called me at one thirty to tell me of her drunken exploits. Too bad the total lack of GSM reception in and around my house made it impossible to hold a conversation and I'll almost certainly not hear nearly as much in tomorrow's update, likely coming by email, as I would have given her inebriation... but regardless. I like messages at the best of times, but if someone is thinking about telling me something in the middle of the night... well, I know that when I'm drunk I think of specific people who I actually want to talk to about these things. It's no longer about obligation or (I wasn't going to say it) pity, it's about what I want. Yay for lack of inhibition. And yay for people wanting to talk to me :D.

Now I'm going to have to slit my wrists for using such teenage bloggerisms as an pathegraph (emoticon).

Did you see how I slipped in a little emo joke there? Didja? I thought that was pretty clever of me, substituting one insufferable stereotype for another...

I clearly need sleep.

PS: didn't break up with Nikky, lost nerve, had sex with her instead. Damnit.

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