Tuesday, 20 February 2007

the trouble with monday

The great trouble with Monday is that it would be terribly impolite to text someone right now, even to tell them that I am watching Four Weddings and a Funeral and drinking vodka and laughing but now crying because it's that bit of the movie and it always does that to me, even pre-emptively, not to mention the poem, that poem...

But it makes me want to pursue true love. Because that's what they do. Through any and all odds, over years. Learning sign language just to talk to someone you might like.

But Garrath is who I love, of course. Because his character does nothing but love life. He dances - he really dances! He's passionate about dancing, he does it for pure enjoyment. He doesn't care at all how he dances, he just loves it.

And as I type now he is dying on the screen, and it causes me to cry. I know what will happen. I can pre-empt the rest of this and it will just make me cry more, I know it.

Not drunk per se, but have had more than one drink.

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