Wednesday 21 February 2007

more trouble on days ending with y

The trouble with Tuesday is similar to Monday, but without the Hugh Grant. Instead it's just drinking.

I broke up with Nikky today. Consensus is: good move. I agree. I just like drinking.

I bought orange juice today too. So I have vodka and orange juice and water-that-used-to-be-ice and tiredness and too much chocolate and I was drinking it with a dropper that was to be used for bushflower essences. It's hot and I'm not in the mood but it's important that I drink weehee. I should put down my timetable properly. Like, in goooogle calendar n' stuff.

"Firefox" is not in the English (UK) dictionary for Firefox. Amusing, no? I think so.

I'm not even drunk at all. Just tired and sugar high. And wanting something more out of life. I get to complain again about not having a girlfriend. Yay! What better bitching is there, honestly?

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