Sunday, 1 July 2007

another quickie

Just to add to the list of TV shows I like but probably shouldn't: Grey's Anatomy and (much more embarrassingly) Ugly Betty.

Oh come on, there's just a certain charm. Not to mention the whole losers-can-do-ok angle. It's worth watching.

No, really it's not.

I need to kiss someone on the roof of a car. That's been on my ToDo list since I watched Jeux d'enfants. Like, literally, on the list on the side of my computer. Despite it being there I am reliably informed that it's more uncomfortable than you'd think, and harder to get up there. I don't worry that I have friends who know that so much as I worry that I'm missing out on knowing that.

Oh, and despite everyone posting comments as anonymous it's surprisingly easy to tell who they are. Not just style, also who would think that in response, who would say what, all that sort of stuff. It amuses me to practice that.

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