Wednesday 18 July 2007

one oh one

I often feel humiliated for doing things which are "adult" when I'm not. Like issuing press releases or trying to talk to a politician. Or applying for a job. I hate it. I just feel out of place, like I'm doing something I shouldn't be. Hence my long-standing aversion to it. Not to mention the fear of rejection thing.

Ok, so now a leaf from Annabel's book. A thought purge.

Biological purpose of humour? Ducks doing standup. Anne, Mack. Almost kissing. Being right. I didn't understand but now I do. Accidentally. I shouldn't though, she'd hate it. Placing on a pedestal v actually liking. The latter, please, please, please. ([it would be] the first time). But it'll never happen. Sitting in class is more intensely political than Senate seating. Can't talk. Nothing discussed. C'est fin. This is what "thoughts" was.


Anonymous said...

there's no need to feel humiliated.

alot of people look up to you for what you do, more than you'd think.

Anonymous said...

putting names to anonymous comments is vaguley amusing.

not that it makes any difference, but you don't look or sound out of place doing 'adult' things.

(there's a good quote about ducks doing standup. but you probably know that.)

and. i agree with the previous comment.