Sunday 22 July 2007

hp7 spoilers

I'm serious, spoilers, stay the hell away until you've read the book
And possibly also some fanfiction

So, my highlights?

There was the bit on page 81 where Ron uses the phrase "[i]n the name of Merlin's saggy left ..." - I think the appropriate synonym for testicle in this circumstance would be 'nut' personally, but I'm open to suggestion.

Then of course there's page 48, on which Hermione says "oh Harry, you look so much tastier than Crabbe or Goyle".

Overall I thought the book was good, if it started a little 'this is the last one so quick I have to use really nice writing and resolve all the sexual tension of the past seven years without destroying too much of the internet or drifting too far from the previous texts'.

Oh, and one other highlight. Me being right in every prediction I made. Specifically (and this is where the real SPOILER is): Snape, not evil; Harry, not dead. Michael: 2; Common Internet Belief: 0.

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