Saturday, 31 March 2007

far too late to be writing

I spent a good four hours today convinced that this blog was terrible. More than that, I spent that time worrying that I had to get rid of it lest pain, humiliation and the like ensued. I even started the process of taking it down before I realised that was silly, and it'll all be fine - so it remains. Hopefully I won't hurt too many people with it...

I think that happened because I saw law girl and imagined what she'd think of me if she knew.

Speaking of what people would think of me if they knew, last night I ate five pieces of garlic bread (Dominos garlic bread, specifically) in a manner that earned me $10: all in the mouth at once, swallowed in under 35 chews. Thirty four, to be precise. Quite the useless feat.

Two things about tonight though. Firstly, David Hicks will serve seven years. Poor bastard has already done five. Now we just have to do something about the other two hundred and fifty people there.

The other thing: there was the first youth parliament taskforce meeting tonight. I got treasurer, unsurprisingly. I was thinking about going for convenor but... well, Pat wanted to do it and that's appropriate, and otherwise there wouldn't have been the right number of positions for people and this means there were no contested positions in a world first. So go us. I just want something that looks better than treasurer - or something that's not related to financial management. I can write press releases too, you know!

Also also, I think a first person shot, looking past my shirt and penis into a toilet bowl full of urine would be a great drugged-out shot for a movie. No really. I just felt so drugged and it was epitomising my just standing there, not doing anything. Which is what one does when one can't think of anything to do. I think it'd work anyway.

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