Thursday, 22 March 2007

of cliques

I'm part of a clique. I only realised this tonight but I'm part of what's really a very closed, very bitchy clique. And I hate it. I hate it for two reasons. Firstly, I'm reliant upon them - I couldn't possibly leave because I don't know anyone else. Secondly, they're precisely the sort of people I hated when I Was growing up. We're precisely that type. I'm part of a group that is exclusive and annoyed at everyone else and keeps people out and has a dominant set and a submissive set... I hate it. But I guess that's how life is.

In other news, if I die you have to tell everyone everything. So you people who know who I like, tell who I like. All that sort of thing. I was going to make a list but I'm tired and have to uncomfortably clear my debating-conscience while ignoring a more substantial issue I'm unable to even consider because I'm not close enough to the person in question. I'm absurd.

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