Friday, 9 March 2007

normally distributed?

I won poker again this evening. Only $25 winnings, but there was the initial bet plus the cash game plus petrol, so I'm only up about $6 on the evening. Even so, that's pretty good - to be paid $6 for a night out with friends.

Now, on a completely different note, I was wondering this evening, what do you think it's like to defecate as a horse? Or indeed any of those quadrupeds who defecate while walking. Because it's a different shape, I imagine a different texture, different muscle use. I wonder how it would feel, and how different to defecating as a human.

I wonder all sorts of things. Like about when women begin relationships relative to their position in the menstrual cycle. And any correlation that would have with hormone levels, age, personality type, IQ, EQ, socio-economic status and anything else that one can measure. You'd do a whole analysis measuring proportion of relationships from all relationships started in the past five years. You might also look at longevity, what constitutes the "start" of a relationship, whether there's any time correlation with first kisses or anything else. I think that could be really interesting. You could make similar comparisons with men but you couldn't use position in menstrual cycle. You could use hormone levels though.

I'm particularly curios to see if there's a difference as age increases, and also a generational difference - i.e., measuring seventeen year olds this year, how do they compare to seventeen year olds in ten years time? How as twenty-seven-year-olds will they compare to themselves at seventeen and how about contemporary seventeen year olds? All these fascinating questions. You might also look at drug use as an independent variable. Another possible dependant variable might be loss of virginity. You might consider promiscuity (or relative promiscuity) as an independent variable. There are all sorts of interesting questions. All I need is a psychology PhD and a research grant...

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